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Low/High Temperature

  • Frozen and broken water pipes ranks second only to hurricanes in terms of both the number of homes affected and the amount of claim costs in the United States
  • Average damage costs are about $50,000

The answer… Low temperature sensors in your home alerting you immediately if your heat fails, never letting your pipes freeze.


Frozen pipes aren’t a scare when they freeze, however, when the heat is turned back on and the pipes thaw, the piping will crack and pose a serious and expensive problem for your home. A low temperature sensor can be set at the end-users desired temperature and will alert at the keypads and via phone calls in the event of a low temperature reading.

High Temperature may seem like not a serious problem but for hobbyists who need climate control for their pricey and valuable collections it is nice to be rest assured if a breaker is thrown, air conditioning fails, or simply something was turned off.

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