Emergency Command & Surveillance Unit


Fully reflective lettering deters any mischief at night
Discrete during the day to not attract any attention
3 interior monitors allows for camera viewing and large computer displays
Leaving the unit unmanned? There is a fully operational security system
A tireboot may be affixed to prevent any unit tampering
License Plate Reader camera for Driveways & Streets


The ECSU is a self-contained mobile operations and surveillance center. It is available for emergency dispatch to aid first responders in mass-casualty or mutual aid responses that require a field operations center. The unit is also available for organized events to help with on-scene mangement and operations.

  • Doing construction? Some insurance companies will offer discounts to your plan by having 24 hour recorded video surveillance.
  • Having a large gala? Use the ECSU as a security booth, premise surveillance, and capture the license plate of every attendee and worker for security purposes.
  • First Responder Agency? The ECSU is able to be out of quarters within 15 minutes of dispatch request and once on scene takes no more than 5 minutes to setup.
  • Law Enforcement Agency? Position the ECSU on a street, intersection, parking lot, or IVO a current crime area to capture vehicles and activity to aid in investigations. No need to have multiple units occupying a static post, use the interior of the trailer to quickly play back and get information out to those units on tour promptly.

Exterior Unit features include:

  • 5 motion activated LED floodlights
  • 4 High Definition IP Cameras with Infared Technology
  • 1 License Plate Reader
  • 1 Pan, Tilt, and Zoom (PTZ) Camera on an extendable mast
  • Thermal Imaging Camera


Interior Features include:

  • 2  – 32″ HD Monitors for live and playback camera viewing
  • 1 – 32″ HD Monitor for extended computer display (Ideal for personnel tracking)
  • Small working desk
  • LED lighting (including blue lighting for night time operations)
  • Power Outlets
  • Heater with O2 sensor to ensure no oxygen deprivation to the trailer
  • Fan vent with rain sensor


Security Features include:

  • Tire boot – For extended contract periods
  • GPS Tracking
  • Fully Capable Alarm System
  • Tow reciever lock

The ECSU can be powered off of stanard electricty from a structure, the included generator, and as a contingency the self-contained battery (able to power unit for up to 24 hours).