Carbon Monoxide Detection

  • 20,000 injured, 4,000 hospitalized, 500 dead a year
  • The Silent Killer
  • No smell
  • No Warning
  • No Second Chance

Ever hear about families going to sleep and not waking up?
The Answer: Carbon Monoxide.
Your Solution: A Carbon Monoxide Detector Alert System – a system that is monitored by our 24-hour monitoring center where, in the event of carbon monoxide detection, the center will dispatch emergency help to respond.


Carbon monoxide is known as the Silent killer. Statistics show that around 500 unintentional deaths in the United States each year are caused by the undetected exposure to carbon monoxide.

Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless and highly poisonous gas. Sources of entry into your home may include a malfunctioning furnace, car exhaust, the burning of charcoal, wood or coal, and heat devices such as pellet stoves.

While plug-in carbon monoxide detectors or battery operated ones alert a family if there is carbon monoxide, what if you aren’t home? Or more importantly what if you are sleeping? Our carbon monoxide alarms sound the sirens, wake up house members and alert the central station that you are in danger. While your family evacuates, we will dispatch the fire department, who will determine if your house is filled with the Silent Killer, all for your family’s safety.

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