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Remote Services

  • Forget to arm your alarm?
  • Want to control your alarm to let relatives in?
  • Like the idea of e-mails when your alarm is armed, disarmed and more?

Solve all your problems with Total Connect!
A service that lets you control your alarm from any computer, smartphone, or mobile device

Within the site you can learn about e-mail notification, mobile and remote viewing of your cameras, and accessing vehicle tracking devices at any desktop. However, you can also have full control of your alarm system!

Available for IPhones, Android Devices, and Blackberry’s you can use our Total Connect service. With this application on your smartphone you can receive e-mail notifications in addition to the free service. Some of these notifications include: burglar alarms, fire alarms, arming and disarming of the system, and more! Not only will you know instantly the state of your alarm system but you also have access to a virtual keypad on your phone. With this virtual keypad you can disarm your system for a family member or friend, arm the alarm in case someone forgot, and any features you are able to do at your physical keypad at home. Call the office to see if your system meets the requirements for this feature and to receive more information!

Never wonder what state your alarm is in again!

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