Total Connect 2.0

Security World never limits the connectivity to its customers. In the old days, customers would ask for a call-in module. Call-in modules allowed customer to call their house and access the alarm system and control the burglary alarm system through their touch tone phones. Thanks to Honeywell and their new software called Total Connect, accessing your alarm has been complete renovated. Customers can be even more in touch with their home and its security. Honeywell’s Total Connect 2.0 is user friendly software that can be accessed from any smartphone and online anywhere in the world. With this remote service you are able to utilize your phone as if you are using the AUI (touchscreen) Keypad that Honeywell has to offer. If you are more comfortable with the normal keypad, that is available too. Not only does Total Connect let you control your alarm but you can see notifications of everything that is going on at your home too. 

The e-mail notifications available aren’t just if your system goes on test like in the standard e-mail notifications available. You are able to get notifications of alarms, arming and disarming of the system and much more. Honeywell came out with the first revision of total connect a few years back it was revolutionary but not complete. Now the e-mail notifications give you specific information including who is arming and disarming the system versus just the system being armed in disarmed.

While the Honeywell Total Connect service does cost a small extra monthly service fee, every customer that has started with it is trapped. Customers like the availability to arm and disarm the system for family, cleaning personnel, and friends along with knowing who is coming and going. All you need is a GSM Back-up radio and to let us know and you can be using Total Connect 2.0 on your computer and smartphone.


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